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Personal Trainer in Weight Room​​There will not be any individual membership fees associated with The United States Registry of Exercise Professionals® for the certified fitness professional unless they maintain a valid NCCA accreditation in good standing by a non-member organization. Member organizations pay annual dues and registration fees to support the Registry and the other work of the Coalition. ​​​

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CREP® identifies exercise professionals who earn and maintain an NCCA-accredited exercise certification in compliance with practice standards, scope of profession and the defined code of ethics. All individuals who hold NCCA-accredited exercise professional certifications for a defined role from member organizations will qualify to be listed in the Registry.

The United States Registry of Exercise Professionals® will display all of the current NCCA-accredited certifications that an individual holds through all the member organizations. No specialty certifications or other credentials will be listed on the Registry.

For more information, contact the office.​​​​​​​​​​​

Newly certified exercise professionals are added to the Registry once vetted through the member organization. The Registry represents qualified professionals from member organizations only and therefore should not be considered a comprehensive resource to identify all exercise professionals with NCCA-accredited certifications. For a comprehensive list of NCCA-accredited exercise certification programs please visit: ​​​​