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USREPS - ICREPS The International Confederation of Registers for Exercise Professionals (ICREPs) is an international partnership between registration bodies around the world that register exercise professionals. ICREPs members all operate independent, competency based registration systems for exercise/fitness professionals.

ICREPs currently recognizes the United States Registry of Exercise Professionals® (USREPS®) as a full member. ICREPs Chairman Richard Beddie announced on March 20, 2014, "The International Confederation for Registers of Exercise Professionals (ICREPs) recently admitted its newest, and largest member, USREPS®, as a full member at it's AGM held in San Diego on March 11, 2014. Having the US join ICREPs is a huge milestone for both the US, and the global exercise community.  Ultimately this will lead to greater portability and recognition of exercise professionals worldwide.  ICREPs now spans 5 continents, and has 8 full members, collectively registering over 200,000 exercise professionals around the world."  For more information visit

International Registration (Portability)
Are you seeking work overseas as a Personal Trainer or Group Fitness Instructor OR hoping to work in the US as a Personal Trainer or Group Fitness Instructor but have an international qualification?
Find out how to transfer your Personal Trainer or Group Fitness Instructor registration or check to ensure your qualification is eligible.
Seeking work overseas?
The International Confederation of Registers for Exercise Professionals (ICREPs) is a not-for-profit, member organization that supports exercise professionals. An important aspect of ICREPS is promoting partnerships between registration bodies around the world to provide portability of professional qualifications. Members of ICREPs operate independent registration systems based on established qualification standards within the country.  ICREPs registration systems operate in five continents, ten countries, and collectively register over 250,000 individual exercise professionals.
You can gain international recognition and transfer your Personal Trainer or Group Fitness Instructor qualifications to work in other countries through a USREPS and ICREP's member country portability arrangement. It is the exercise professional’s responsibility to meet the specific criteria of the register where they intend to gain employment. While each country has specific requirements, USREPS provides the foundations for registration in each of the following countries. Note: Qualification for registration does not replace the need for meeting a member country’s visa and immigration laws. 
REPS Australia
REPS Belgium
REPS Canada
REPS Ireland
REPS Poland
REPS New Zealand
REPS South Africa
REPS United Arab Emirates
REPS United Kingdom
ICREPs has produced a global matrix that maps each ICREPs member's registration levels against others, which provides a clear pathway for exercise professionals who are considering working overseas.
Find out how to transfer your registration
To register with an international ICREPs country listed above, you will need to provide a letter of portability from USREPS to verify that your Personal Trainer or Group Fitness Instructor qualification(s) meets current registration requirements in the United States. This letter will be recognized for provisional registration in ICREPS member countries to enable you to apply for registration. To request this letter, contact us at  There is no fee. This letter should be provided to the country’s register where you choose to work to confirm you meet the qualifications in the United States. You may be asked to complete additional requirements in the country based on the standards set by the national register. This letter is only confirmation of the registration requirements you have met in the United States.
Hoping to work in the United States but have an international qualification?
If you have an international qualification and you wish to register with USREPS, you will first need to check that your current professional credential is included within USREPS. Review the list of USREPS credentials.
To be eligible for registration with the United States, you need the following:
1. A current professional credential included within USREPS.
2. A letter of portability from your local register verifying that your qualification meets their registration requirements and states which registration categories you are eligible for in their country.
3. A verifiable United States address.

For more information, contact the office.​​​​​​​​​

Newly certified exercise professionals are added to the Registry once vetted through the member organization. The Registry represents qualified professionals from member organizations only and therefore should not be considered a comprehensive resource to identify all exercise professionals with NCCA-accredited or ISO 17024-compliant certifications. For a comprehensive list of NCCA-accredited or ISO 17024-compliant exercise certification programs please visit: ​

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